Friendship is a root of freedom

To become what we need to each other, and to find power in friendship, is to become dangerous. --anonymous [1] I have a circle of friends and family with whom I am radically vulnerable and trust deeply – we call it coevolution through friendship. --adrienne maree brown [2] These are not just words; they are clues and …

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Happiness is bullshit

Happiness is not joy. Under capitalism, happiness is a duty and unhappiness is a disorder. Companies increasingly sell happy experiences instead of products: happiness is a relaxing vacation on the beach, an intense night at the bar, a satisfying drink on a hot day, or contented retirement. As workers, we are expected to find happiness …

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Intro to Joyful Militancy

This book is an attempt to amplify some quiet conversations that have been happening for a long time, about the connections between resisting and thriving, about how we relate to each other in radical movements today, and about some of the barriers to collective transformation.