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“To change the dominant reality, it is very difficult, next to impossible. To create something radically new is feasible. You can do that tomorrow.” Gustavo Esteva


We are inviting you to join a collective of monthly supporters for Gustavo Esteva, who at the age of 81 has lost his main source of income, has no savings or pension, and is facing some very large medical bills. Thousands of radical organizers from around the world have been influenced by Gustavo’s sixty-plus years of writing and activism. Many of us have experienced his hospitality, the grace with which he offers his time and wisdom, and the deep love and support he provides to his friends, family, and fellow-travellers. We are saddened that Gustavo is struggling but we are also filled with joy to be able to give back to our dear comrade and friend.


This is set up to only handle one time gifts: if you want to give monthly and have a credit card, please donate on the Fundly Campaign! THANKS!

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Give as much as you can! We are inviting you to join us to collectively support Gustavo Esteva


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You can contribute whatever you can afford. This support from all of us will ensure that Gustavo is able to live in dignity and continue to support his family and his community, as he has done his entire life.

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“If there was one person who embodied the possibility of being a brilliant intellectual without leaving behind passionate involvement with the struggles of the most vulnerable, who understood how to theorize and live revolution, who was with the Zapatistas and the extraordinary people’s commune of Oaxaca and the uprisings after the 1985 Mexico City earthquake, who could be fierce about capitalism and tender about hope and possibility—well, we know and love that person, who is Gustavo Esteva, an important voice for liberation and a model of a public intellectual and an encouraging avuncular muse to so many of our projects. I love and honor him and will be supporting him and hope some of you can join us” —  Rebecca Solnit

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